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Immigration to the U.S. on Family, Asylum, and Visa Lottery Program help from Immigration Lawyers in Springfield VA

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Immigration to the u.s. On Family and Asylum Basis and How Immigration Lawyers in Springfield VA Can Help

Immigration law are rules established by the Federal government directed towards ascertaining who is allowed into the country and how long. The law governs the naturalization process of those who desire to become US citizen. The law controls the detention and deportation proceedings of foreign nationals who enter US without permission and overstay their visit.

In recent times, the number of non-citizens in United State is growing rapidly. On daily basis, non-citizens of the United States continuously require the services of immigration lawyers who help them file their alien relative petition for sponsored family members to receive green cards, citizenship simple and complex matters like criminal history and previous immigration violations. These immigration lawyers also help fight for people seeking asylum as well as people who are being deported. Due to the influx of noncitizens into the United States, the link between immigration law, national security and the prominence of immigration-related issues in the policy-making spheres, immigration law is growing in importance on daily basis in the law field. Immigration Lawyers in Springfield, Annandale, Alexandria, are minutes from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) United States Citizenship and Immigration Service Washington Field Office in Fairfax Virginia on Prosperity Avenue.

The Immigration and Naturalisation Act (INA) (which is the body of law saddled with the responsibility of governing immigration policies), provides an annual limit of 675000 permanent immigrants. Immigration law in the United State is based on the principles of – Family reunification, protecting refugees, diversity visa program and other forms of humanitarian relief.

FAMILY-BASE IMMIGRATION: This is an important principle governing US Immigration policy. Sustaining family unity is important to US immigration law. However, many families are bedeviled with challenges in the process of trying to unify themselves with their family.  Immigration lawyers often assist citizens who are facing challenges in uniting with their families file petitions tailored towards enabling them sponsor their family members.  The preparation of family-based petitions by immigration lawyers depend on their ability to tell the citizens’ story. Immigration lawyers often take time and interest to learn about citizens and their family members, challenges and joy, and other details that will ensure a successful family-based application. Difficult Family-based green card visa application form I-130 Alien Relative Petition at the U.S. Consulate in the home country of the foreign family member or adjustment of status application form I-485 Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status who are already present in the U.S. on some sort of legal status such as visitor visa or student visa should consult Immigration lawyers in Springfield VA for their expertise and proximity to the Arlington Immigration Court for Deportation and Asylum Cases. Other standard forms that accompany all family-based immigration deal with the U.S.-based relative the person filing to have their foreign relative granted a U.S. visa for immigration deal with the income and federal tax returns provided the National Visa Center for consular processing or to USCIS for adjustment of status form I-1485 cases must submit Affidavit of Support form I-864. Non-immigrant-based petitions must submit their income information on form I-134 Affidavit of Support for form I-129F fiancée visa petitions. For expert advice and option contact immigration lawyers in Springfield VA.

PROTECTION OF REFUGEES, ASYLUM AND OTHER VULNERABLE PERSONS: The US immigration policy provide protection for people who are fleeing prosecution or who are unable to go back to their country due to life threatening conditions.  Refugees are usually admitted into the US based on their fear of prosecution for being a member of a particular social group, race, political opinion, religion and national origin. Before Refugees are admitted into the United State, certain factors are considered. Some of them are; the degree of risks they face and membership of a particular group that is very important to the US.  The Asylum office in Arlington VA handles Affirmative Asylum Application interviews for form I-589 Application for Asylum and for Withholding of Removal. Local residents in the Northern Virginia are would have their Asylum Application interview in Arlington VA Immigration lawyers in Springfield, VA or in cities such as Alexandria, Annandale, and Fairfax should be consulted for filing an asylum application immigration case.

DIVERSITY VISA PROGRAM:  This program is tailored towards giving opportunities to immigrants from countries with low immigration rate to the US. It was initially designed to favor immigrants from Ireland.  However, it has become one of the avenues citizens from certain country can obtain green cards. To be qualified for diversity visa, an immigrant must obtain a minimum of high school qualification, or have a minimum of 2 years experience working in a profession that requires special training within the last five years. Spouses and unmarried children of the applicants are usually considered as the applicants’ dependents. Selectees of diversity visa program are usually chosen by a computer generated random lottery draw. The visas are distributed into six region with preferential treatment to countries that have low immigration rate to the United State. This program particularly benefits the Africans and Eastern Europeans. Immigration lawyers in Springfield VA have helped Diversity Visa program winners acquire their U.S. Citizenship form N-400 and file for family members.

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