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Top Reasons To Hire a Civil Litigation Lawyer

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When many people hear of civil litigation lawyers, they may think that the lawyer will force the client to go to court and will take all their money without actually helping them. This is an entirely unhelpful picture of civil litigation lawyers and it can mean that many people are not getting the legal representation they need when they need it the most. Getting started with a civil litigation lawyer can be scary if you have never needed to work with a lawyer, but it can be helpful to clear a few things up before you get started. 

  • They will know your case’s value. This is extremely important, especially when you are getting started out with your case. It can be hard to understand the full value of your case and when you are filing a claim or a lawsuit against someone else, you can bet the other party’s insurance will take full advantage of this. If you do not know your case’s worth, the insurance adjusters will happily give you less than you deserve. 
  • They will be able to use their resources. When you work with a lawyer, like one from a litigation law firm like an office such as Brown Kiely, LLP, you know that they will work hard to gather the evidence necessary for your case. This may mean poring over police records, medical records, contacting witnesses who were at the scene, or using expert witnesses to help bolster your case. 
  • Without an attorney, you are at a disadvantage. Especially in situations where you end up going to court because the other party’s insurance will not settle or will deny your claim, it is important to have legal representation prepared to step up and fight by your side. Not only is there paperwork to file (and file on time) for your case, but your lawyer will make sure you do not miss any of the details that could get your case quickly thrown out of court. Because you would be the party bringing the case forward, the burden of proof will lie with you and your lawyer. 
  • An attorney can bring insight into your case. Especially in cases that are full of emotions—nursing home abuse, disfigurement injuries, wrongful death—it can be invaluable to have a lawyer by your side who can represent you when the case feels especially difficult. 

If you need the help of a litigation lawyer and are unsure of where to start, call a local law firm today to get more information.

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