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Visitor Visa Extension Form I539 I-539 – Application to Extend/Change Nonimmigrant Status


How to File for Visitor Visa Extension Using Form I-539 and the Uscis Application Requirements

You are required to submit an application for extension of status BEFORE your current visitor visa expires otherwise your stay beyond the authorized time will be considered illegal and in violation of United States Immigration Law.

You must file at least 45 days in advance!

Contrary to popular misconceptions about immigration law the 45 days in advance filing for visitor visa extension application form I-539 does not mean that you cannot file if less than 45 days remain and you now wish to extend you visitor visa or nonimmigrant status. Of course to ensure the succession of your visitor visa application you must act in a reasonable time. So even if you have 30 days left prior to the expiration of the visitor visa hiring an experienced immigration law attorney lawyer will ensure that you application is drafted and prepared accurately and all the required evidence is submitted timely along with the filing of the immigration form I-539.

Who is eligible to file for a visitor visa extension?

You may be eligible to extend your visit visa if you are in a certain nonimmigrant category as a result of you visitor visa. The requirement for filing the correct form(s), along with the necessary financial evidence, and affidavits must be met strictly and timely. Do not have your application for visitor visa extension form I-539 for those B1 Business and B2 Visit Visa holders denied due to late filing or errors in filing and or insufficient submission of additional documents and evidence, hire an an experienced immigration law attorney lawyer in Springfield, VA minutes from Fairfax, Arlington, and Alexandria Virginia.

Some of the categories of visitors that are eligible to file for a visitor visa extension:

– A-3, Attendant or Servant of an A Nonimmigrant.

– B-1, Visitor for Business or B-2 Visitor for Pleasure.

– F-1, Academic Student Visa F-1 Extensions.

– G-5, Attendant or Servant of a G Nonimmigrant Visa.

– H, Dependant of an H Temporary Worker Visa.

– J-1, Exchange Visitor and Form I-94

– M-1, Vocational or Non-Academic Student Visa

– V, Spouse or Child of a Lawful Permanent Resident.

The specific requirements for each category for visitor filing for a visitor visa extension can vary widely depending on the specific facts and circumstances and having an experienced Virginia Immigration Law attorney ensures that the right documents and forms are submitted along with the required evidence in a timely fashion for the success of your visitor visa extension form. Form I-94 Nonimmigrant Arrival-Departure Record is the main document required along for filing for a immigration visitor visa extension.

– Through effective representation and correct drafting and filing of immigration visitor visa form you can ensure the success of your extension of visitor visa form I-539. Hire an experienced immigration lawyer attorney in Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax, Springfield, and the DMV area.

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